Yahoo! Web Services

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the new Yahoo! Web Services API. I wrote some thoughts and a quick tour of the API for O'Reilly Network: Yahoo! Web Services.

I'm looking forward to seeing what people do with all of that search data—images, local listings, news, video, and (of course) web. But before you tear off and write your own Yahoo! applications, just make sure you're not going to use Yahoo! Web Services to "operate nuclear facilities" as it's prohibited by their terms of use. I know most people don't read those things, so I figured it would be good to point out. But don't let that limitation stop you. There are plenty of other less-obvious uses for Yahoo! Web Services that are even more compelling. ;)

Here's the official scoop from the Yahoo! Search Blog: Announcing the Yahoo! Search Developer Network and Search Web Services
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