Posts from September 2005

Everything is bold

Just got back from a week in Nebraska. We spent a couple of days in a cabin at Mahoney State Park where we did some hiking and saw some good sunsets.


On Friday night we went to Omaha to see Portland's hometown favorite Pink Martini play with the Omaha Symphony. The show was fantastic partly because it was in an ornate old building with great acoustics, The Orpheum.

symphony tuning

On Saturday my cousin Lisa got married, and it was a beautiful wedding and reception.

Lisa and Jason

On Sunday we got together with my Dad's side of the family. It's always fun to catch up a bit with everyone and argue about politics.

I spent the week offline for the most part and now everything is bold—email is unread, posts in Bloglines are unread. So I have a lot of catching up to do but it's great to take a break once in a while.

Flickr Hacks

As you can tell things have been quiet around here. The ink is barely dry on Yahoo! Hacks and I'm already working on my next project: Flickr Hacks! (Note to parents: Flickr is a photo-sharing application on the surface, but it's much more than that.) I'm especially excited about this book because I'm going to be working with the amazingly talented Jim Bumgardner. Jim started the Flickr Hacks group, put together some beautiful collaborative posters with Flickr images, and generally knows Flickr and the Flickr API inside and out. Check out Jim's Photostream to get a sense of his work.

If you've written a Flickr extension or found a novel way to use Flickr, don't be surprised if Jim or I contact you about including it in the book. (But feel free to contact me as well!) The book is part of the Hacks series, and Flickr Hacks is meant to be a gallery featuring many voices and many different technologies that enhance or build upon Flickrspace. I already have my head down trying to meet writing deadlines, but part of my time will be devoted to finding what's out there—and I've been playing with a lot of fun Flickr toys over the past couple of weeks. I'd love to hear about your favorites.

So once again this weblog will probably be dormant while I'm working on the book, but I'll still be here working away behind the scenes. I've been a member of Flickr since it was a chat-based application, and it's been fun watching it grow. I'm continually amazed at the creativity Flickr has inspired in both photography and application design, and I'm excited to be able to work around and with the incredible Flickr community. I'm hoping I can help translate some of that energy into book form. See ya on Flickr!

ps. here are my photos at Flickr.

Corvallis and Natural Disasters

According to this MSNBC/Forbes article—Safety first: The best places to live in the U.S., "Every location in the country is exposed to one disaster or another..." But Corvallis, Oregon came in at #8 on the safest places list. A quake topped the list of dangers here, and there is a fault off the coast. Honolulu, Hawaii was at the top of the list. Of course now that Corvallis is on the safe list something is bound to happen. [via Chuggnutt]

Beta Yahoo! Hacks

O'Reilly put up eight Beta Hacks from Yahoo! Hacks. Find out how you can use Yahoo! to translate pages, monitor your commute, visualize your music collection, search your web site, program with the Yahoo! API, and other fun hackery. And that's only eight hacks—imagine what you can do with 100. ;) The book isn't out yet, but you can pre-order from Amazon: Yahoo! Hacks. (I'll get a little kickback if you order through a link here on my site.)

Update: Matt McAlister tried out the Visualize Your Music Collection Hack and wrote about the results on his blog: Downloading podcasts with Yahoo! Music Engine.

Animal Relief Links

A friend emailed to let me know that a lot of animals have been displaced by the hurricane. People should be the first priority, but you may want to contribute to organizations like the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the US as well as the Red Cross.

You can donate to the HSUS here

Great Customer Service

I do a fair bit of complaining about companies here, so I should post something positive once in a while. Here's a recent exchange I had with Keen.
Hi Keen, How can I order a replacement black and yellow bungee style lace for one of my Keen Newport sandals? My dog ate it, and I'm not sure where to get that kind of shoelace. Thanks!
And the response:
Thank you for contacting Keen Footwear! No worries on the laces, we'll gladly put a replacement system in the mail to you.
Pretty human-sounding for a big company. Plus, I'll get to start wearing my favorite sandals again if it works out. Now if they could solve my dog's chewing problems they'd really have a customer for life. ;)