New Zealand or Bust

Later this year sk and I will be taking a trip to New Zealand. For the past five years, sk has worked with a company that imports wine from New Zealand into the United States, so I've been getting to know New Zealand one bottle at a time for a while now. (Once you try a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc you'll never go back.) But you can only learn so much about a country by drinking their wine, reading books, and watching Lord of the Rings.

Luckily we have friends and fofs in New Zealand, and we've been collecting their advice about things to do and see for a while. But I thought I'd tap the collective knowledge of onfocus readers to gather even more advice. So if you've been to (or are currently in) New Zealand and you had a limited time to explore, is there anything you wouldn't miss? Please leave a comment, or email me directly. I should add that we'll be on the South Island for the duration of our trip. Thanks!


Paul, I'm green with envy. All the obvious places (e.g, Franz Josef Glacier) are worth visiting. But we really liked our stay in Wannaka, a ski town. Mellow place, and we stayed in a great inn with wonderful owners. The perfect vibe and the perfect place to recuperate for a few days from too many hours in the car. Let me know if you want the name of the inn and I'll dig it up.

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