• internal documents from the National Park Service that detail how to develop National Park activities, interpretive media, and "informal" dialogue. [via sterling via IDEA]
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Update: Removed! I knew I should have mirrored it as soon as I saw it. I guess the National Park system doesn't want to share their methods with other competing park systems? I'd love to know more about how our National Parks are put together, and their methods could probably influence other fields. This decision is disappointing.

Update 2: huh, maybe it's just me. MojoMark was able to grab a copy of the site for me.
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Was it something specific on the page? The page seems to work for me - providing a bunch of pdf's.
huh, I get a 404 when I visit the page.
If you can still see it, do you want to snag those PDFs for the rest of us? :)
Got 'em. (thanks to webreaper.net) I'll send them along to you.
Many thanks, MojoMark!
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