Corvallis Update

I'd like to talk with my fellow Corvallians for a minute. Everyone else gone? Good, ok.

We get so few new places to eat around here, that I thought I'd mention a couple of new options. I finally had a chance to eat at the new McMenamins on Monroe last night. It's a nice space, same good McMenamins food. The plumbing art on the wall is fun, but I'm not sure about the giant, giant TV screen. I suppose it'd be good for watching OSU games, but it seems a little out of place when you're there for dinner.

Be sure to check out Thanh-Hien, the new Vietnamese place by Winco. (It replaced TCBY.) I've been there a couple times for lunch, and it's been surprisingly great both times. They've done a nice job redecorating the place. Food places don't last long over there, so try it while you can. I hope they do well.

Did you know that OSU has a nuclear reactor? Neither did I. Somehow they forget to mention that on those safest places to live surveys.

If you don't already subscribe to Paul Turner's email list (he runs the Avalon and Darkside), go subscribe now! His movie synopses are worth the price of admission alone, and sometimes commentary about Corvallis and his experiences running the theaters creep into the emails. Here's part of his recent rant about the Whiteside hullabaloo:
At the risk of not being silly, I must tell you that the Whiteside is simply not financially viable as a movie theater...The memories of exploring one's heterosexuality on the Whiteside balcony while Indiana Jones dodges Nazis will not pay the bills, and will not excite investors to pay them, either. Frankly, I will be a wreck when they start whatever transformation takes place at the Whiteside...But how I feel about the old queen does not change the way business works. And that sucks.
I wish Paul Turner had a blog so I could link to the whole thing.

Hope your leaf pickup is going well. Let's have a good Civil War this Friday—Go Beavs!
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Not to be outdone by Corvallis, but Portland's own Reed College also has a small reactor.
You say "Go Beavs!" but I know in your heart of hearts you're a Husker fan first. ;)
Bummer, Mojomark. I thought they couldn't put reactors in earthquake country. Ugh.

Hey, I can say both "Go Beavs!" and "Go Big Red!"'s not a competition. ;)
Well, I guess it would just be a little meltdown...
Long time lurker, first time commenter.
Sorry to hear that McMennamins has gone 'sports bar' like on us loyal Corvallians. I worried that the proximity to campus might result in something like that.
Interesting to learn about the nuclear reactor... They keep the dark stuff undercover in our sleepy little town, don't they?
Sheesh. We should all be so lucky. That campus reactor saves Corvallis from post-apocalyptic chaos (the only American town with power, even) in David Brin's "The Postman" (loosely adapted into a [Corvallis-less] Kevin Costner movie).
heh, weird. I wonder how much post-apocalyptic fiction has been set in Corvallis. There's another appropriately called A Meeting in Corvallis.
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