Posts from July 2008

Mockingbird Sounds

Today I recorded a strange bird that lives at this four-way stop in McMinnville. It's a fairly busy intersection and the bird hears cars stop and take off all day, every day. Its standard chirp is already loud and screechy, but it has another chirp that sounds exactly like a car with a loose fan belt taking off from a stop. Check it out:

That whine is the bird. The funny part is, there's a house at the corner where the people obviously have an antagonistic relationship with this bird. Their trees are full of silver streamers that blow in the breeze—meant to scare the bird away. I couldn't see the bird at all, but it must be some sort of mockingbird.

Plunkett Creek Sounds

Took a nice walk through Beazell Memorial Forest this morning. It's about 30 minutes west of Corvallis, and it's a fairly new park. The trails are pristine, and the forest is shaded and lush. The forest floor is covered with ferns. Here's a sound clip I took on a bridge crossing Plunkett Creek:

I'm looking forward to going back over to that area to check out Fort Hoskins.

Update: Nevermind.

Star Spangled

Corvallis has an extremely casual 4th of July parade that anyone can join. There are only a couple of floats, a few businesses, but mostly just people walking and riding bikes. It's not very long, and it's fun to see everyone. My favorite part of the parade today was a couple of kids playing the Star Spangled Banner on tubas as they walked by:

  • "I do wonder, however, whether my son will someday feel that his privacy is being violated, or more likely, be embarrassed about the site." I struggle with this issue too and it's why I don't post very much in public about my son. [via Daddy Types]
  • "Google is to be forced to release the records of every video watched on YouTube, including user names and web addresses, to entertainment company Viacom after a US federal court ruling." Copyright trumps privacy. [via MeFi]
  • "Perhaps the right answer is to excise the links from the old posts and to add a note explaining why the links were removed." Rafe brings up a good reason why you might need to alter archives and how you might handle it in a way that doesn't break links.