Posts from August 2010

YouTube: How To Tell People They Sound Racist

It's a few years old now, but this is great advice from Jay Smooth about keeping behavior and being separate in arguments. This advice doesn't just apply to conversations about race, I think it's good to keep in mind for any disagreement. I found this via an excellent comment by jessamyn in a thread at Ask MetaFilter about dealing with difficult people: Help us deal with our black sheep Meetup member. Lots of good advice in the thread too.

Vimeo Favorite: Put This On, Episode 3: Work

Jesse and Adam are back again talking about the benefits of dressing well for work with Paul Feig. It's relaxed and funny. They also added a great new segment with the blogger behind Nerd Boyfriend where she dissects a classic look and finds modern versions of the clothes. More nice work from Put This On.
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Games for a Non-Gamer

I'm not much of a gamer, but I have been enjoying The Incident by Neven Mrgan and Matt Comi on my iPhone. Here's what it looks like:

Nothing too complicated. There's falling stuff that you tilt the phone to avoid, and a great 8-bit soundtrack. Seeing all of the pixelated junk they designed is half the fun.

I don't have an XBox, but this atmospheric game called Limbo looks like another fun design experience. It's the first console game I've seen in a while that I'd like to play:

(I found this last trailer via the consistently excellent video site Devour. Check it out if you haven't seen it. Looks great on an iPad.)
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