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Today I have a special hybrid Newsletter Wednesday where you'll be required to purchase a book as well as subscribe to a newsletter. We have collectively reached semantic satiation with the phrase fake news but there's a reason we talk about it so much. Understanding the history of hucksters and media manipulation is important context for the reality distortion field we’re living through. Last year, old guard blogger and Cold Fusion holdout Rex Sorgatz put together a fantastic collection of the ways we have been duped through the ages called The Encyclopedia of Misinformation. It is extremely entertaining, well-designed, and a nice reminder that truth exists somewhere. (Even if it takes the distance of time to find it.)

On to the newsletter! Rex recently started a newsletter called Recs (pun intended) that has recommended links around these themes. His latest had a pointer to the Our Fake History podcast that looks great. These newsletters have been packed with fun so far and I'm looking forward to more.

(ok, you aren't required to purchase the book but subscribing to the newsletter is mandatory, sorry.)
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