Been Down So Long It Looks Like Prestige TV to Me

This sinus infection I’ve had for what feels like forever has been miserable but I did catch up on some good TV to keep myself distracted. My loss can be your gain! Here are some recent shows I recommend for binging and I don’t think you need to have a fever to enjoy them.

  • The Bureau - French spy drama. I haven't been this addicted to a show since The Wire. Mathieu Kassovitz of Amélie fame in a completely different role here. RIYL: anxiety. (4 seasons streaming on Sundance.)
  • Name of the Rose - Middle Ages crime procedural set in a monastery! What's not to love? John Turturro is fantastic as man-ahead-of-his-time William of Baskerville. RIYL: logic. (8-episode miniseries streaming on Sundance.)
  • The Mandalorian - I was primed to not like the new Star Wars offering but a certain puppet character makes up for many flaws. RIYL: shooting. (Streaming on Disney+.)
  • Modern Love - This anthology love letter to New York has such stellar casting for each mini-movie. RIYL: feelings. (Streaming on Amazon Prime.)
  • Letterkenny - Hicks vs. skids in rural Canada. Had to look up so much hockey slang to sort myself out for this show, boys. RIYL: drinking and punching. (7 seasons streaming on Hulu.)
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