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Starting in October, the ad-free tier of Disney+ will rise from $11 to $14 a month, while ad-free Hulu will increase from $14 to $18 a month.
Must be to offset the money they’re suddenly paying to writers and actors now. (Sarcasm)
"One of the more scary themes in the TV show is that fungi communicate through long filaments. This is true. Fungi communicate by sending electrical impulses underground through thread-like structures (called hyphae). These can expand to form a network. In fact, scientists have found that fungi have at least 50 unique “words.” If we had a fungal pandemic, it could be highly coordinated."
Enjoying this show but not really enjoying learning fungus facts because sometimes I chanterelle the difference between fiction and real life.

Been Down So Long It Looks Like Prestige TV to Me

This sinus infection I’ve had for what feels like forever has been miserable but I did catch up on some good TV to keep myself distracted. My loss can be your gain! Here are some recent shows I recommend for binging and I don’t think you need to have a fever to enjoy them.

  • The Bureau - French spy drama. I haven't been this addicted to a show since The Wire. Mathieu Kassovitz of Amélie fame in a completely different role here. RIYL: anxiety. (4 seasons streaming on Sundance.)
  • Name of the Rose - Middle Ages crime procedural set in a monastery! What's not to love? John Turturro is fantastic as man-ahead-of-his-time William of Baskerville. RIYL: logic. (8-episode miniseries streaming on Sundance.)
  • The Mandalorian - I was primed to not like the new Star Wars offering but a certain puppet character makes up for many flaws. RIYL: shooting. (Streaming on Disney+.)
  • Modern Love - This anthology love letter to New York has such stellar casting for each mini-movie. RIYL: feelings. (Streaming on Amazon Prime.)
  • Letterkenny - Hicks vs. skids in rural Canada. Had to look up so much hockey slang to sort myself out for this show, boys. RIYL: drinking and punching. (7 seasons streaming on Hulu.)
Visit the ghost of Christmas past.
image from kanopy
Kanopy is a streaming service like Netflix that has a bunch of movies and documentaries that you've probably been meaning to see. It has classic films like L'Avventura and The 400 Blows. But also more recent A24 Films like Moonlight and Lady Bird. And also documentaries like Helvetica and Manufactured Landscapes. Additionally further besides entire runs of Great Courses videos. Also conjointly furthermore some classic PBS and BBC TV series. I was shocked at the depth looking through their catalog. The best part is that you can likely get free access through your library.
  • (MeFi's own) hoder became a human time capsule spending six years in an Iranian prison for blogging. He's shocked by the state of the Web: "The web was not envisioned as a form of television when it was invented. But, like it or not, it is rapidly resembling TV: linear, passive, programmed and inward-looking."
  • Nice program for moving shows off of TiVo, converting for devices, and adding to iTunes. Works very well with my old Series 2. [via joshua]
  • Matt's final post to PVRblog: a recap of the rise of the DVR and quotes from famous web folk talking about the impact of TiVo et al on their lives.

These are links I added recently to my shared items at Google Reader. Just catching up.
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