Posts from October 2022

The Atlantic
"Many of us with larger presences on the platform have seen a significant drop in our follower counts as people make good on their threat to exit. This is, of course, as much their right as it is Musk’s to buy the platform and run it as he pleases. But I think leaving is a mistake."
LOL I have to admit there is some Schadenfreude happening at this moment. Social media has been so awful for so long. Let me have this.
The Verge
"Twitter is a disaster clown car company that is successful despite itself, and there is no possible way to grow users and revenue without making a series of enormous compromises that will ultimately destroy your reputation and possibly cause grievous damage to your other companies."
It's like a heroin addict thought his best move would be buying the entire heroin supply chain. Congrats, now you have an addiction AND all the problems of being in the drug trade. But Musk's personal disaster aside, does every online social space need to be run by a weirdo right wing authoritarian? That seems bad for everyone.
The Guardian
"Salma al-Shehab, a Saudi student living in the UK and attending Leeds University, was sentenced to 34 years in prison for having a Twitter account and following and retweeting dissidents and activists. She was arrested and convicted after returning home for a holiday."
Saudi Arabia partnered with Elon Musk to become the 2nd largest investor in Twitter. It doesn’t look like Musk is building a free speech platform.
"Police have not identified a motive for the attack on Pelosi’s husband. Judging by social media posts, the suspect appears to have been stewing in a mix of conspiracy theories about elections and the coronavirus pandemic."
So he was motivated by the mainstream Republican Party platform.
"Exxon Mobil broke records with its profits in the third quarter, raking in $19.66 billion in net income. The Irving, Texas company said Friday that it booked $112.07 billion in quarterly revenue, more than double the revenue it received last year during the same period."
record profits? in this economy?
BioScience | Oxford Academic
"Humanity is unequivocally facing a climate emergency. The scale of untold human suffering, already immense, is rapidly growing with the escalating number of climate-related disasters. Therefore, we urge scientists, citizens, and world leaders to read this Special Report and quickly take the necessary actions to avoid the worst effects of climate change."
Please vote for leaders who take our climate emergency seriously. We need large collective actions to help make environmental stress easier for people.
"It was just so frustrating to be dealing with something so traumatic, and then just gamble with the outcome of Amanda's life unnecessarily,” says Josh.
Awful result of a long campaign to take health care options away from people and Republicans are campaigning on expanding this suffering.
Listeners of You're Wrong About call in with their abortion stories. As with so many of this show’s episodes it’s the context I wish the media was regularly providing for important stories.
"Zuckerberg said Meta will use predictive AI models to guess what our legs are doing based on our upper-body movements. No other popular AR/VR hardware maker has been able to do this yet. But it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for Meta, a company with one of the largest staffs of engineers in the world that is spending $10 billion a year on metaverse projects alone."
Why is our society like this?