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Saturday Links, Late August

Links: everything is terrible, no commentary edition. And in more tech-related news... Games are fun? And because we're all trading nuclear fallout tips now I guess? Maybe some music will help:

campus westy
Eclipse Viewing Spot
solar viewing with @rachf72
sun through a telescope
WebAIM Training

Wednesday Links

When things turn to garbage I guess I turn to Wikipedia. A couple more links I've been thinking about recently: False equivalence and Slippary slope. Have journalists seen these? Because I feel like they haven't seen these.

Tuesday Links

I have a slew of links to share, but it doesn't feel like a good time to share a slew of links. The daily news feels like a daily test of the paradox of tolerance and I've been thinking about that quite a bit. Also, brushing up on the concept of hate speech has been helpful for me.
Pompeian bull
Roman Woman

Sunday Links, Early August

Some unorganized links from the past week or so: I've been enjoying the new Arcade Fire:

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Elephant Ears
flickr photo
Ferris Wheel
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fair gamer