"Robbins, who said she lives in California and only ever interacted with Ramos online, told CNN she reported him to Yubo several times and blocked his account, but continued seeing him in livestreams making lewd comments."
We need both online and physical world consequences for threatening behavior online. Services allowing people to repeatedly make threats of physical harm is unethical but it is the status quo for online media.
Washington Post
"The findings of nearly 300 pages include shocking new details about specific abuse cases and shine a light on how denominational leaders for decades actively resisted calls for abuse prevention and reform."
Decades of family values.
"The Senate leadership barely even pretended to try to force their hands by scheduling a vote. Instead, senators are reportedly going on their Memorial Day recess. It’s a broken, worthless institution."
Definitely feeling this.
The Atlantic
"Our kids are compromised anyway because of COVID. We’ve got kids who are struggling with anxiety at a rate that is pretty significant. So this is just another layer of something terrible. So really trying to validate, like, 'You guys have had to manage so much, and so much has been asked of you. I would be surprised if you weren’t worried, if you weren’t anxious. I’m not asking you not to be. What I am asking is that you have ways to cope with that so that you are not hurting yourself or others.'"
This advice is helpful. Also the fact that we need this article shows America is not working.
"One argument used to justify continued gun ownership is that mass shootings are often the result of shooters with severe mental illness. No doubt that mental health is a factor. But the rates of mental illness in the United States are similar to those in other countries where mass shootings rarely occur. It’s access to guns that is the problem."
We can also work on both gun access and mental health at the same time.
AP News
"But the vote failed along party lines, raising fresh doubts about the possibility of robust debate, let alone eventual compromise, on gun safety measures. The final vote was 47-47, short of the 60 needed to take up the bill. All Republicans voted against it."
This is just your regular reminder to never vote for a Republican even if you'd like to have a beer with them personally. And you shouldn't have a beer with them either. Shun the death cult.
New York Times
"State legislatures hold a unique position in the country’s democratic apparatus, wielding a constitutionally mandated power to set the “times, places and manner of holding elections.” Cheered on by Mr. Trump as he eyes another run for the White House in 2024, many state legislators have shown they see that power as license to exert greater control over the outcome of elections."
Yet another lever that ensures minority rule in a democracy.
Ground Truths
"The real number of cases is likely at least 500,000 per day, far greater than any of the US prior waves except Omicron. The bunk that cases are not important is preposterous. They are infections that beget more cases, they beget Long Covid, they beget sickness, hospitalizations and deaths. They are also the underpinning of new variants."
The pandemic is not over.
"Ultimately, all the evidence suggests that Justice Alito is not the even-tempered judge he presented to the Senate in 2005. He’s not a person concerned with hearing and weighing all the arguments. He’s the fervent conservative activist who applied to Ronald Reagan’s DOJ and wrote the words set out below, and he always has been. Justice Alito told the truth seeking that DOJ position, and he lied to get the Supreme Court seat he now holds."
All of the Supreme Court justices who rule in favor of criminalizing abortion will have lied in their senate confirmations. When they do they should be impeached.
New York Times
It is the result of many factors, including elected officials who played down the threat posed by the coronavirus and resisted safety measures; a decentralized, overburdened health care system that struggled with testing, tracing and treatment; and lower vaccination and booster rates than other rich countries, partly the result of widespread mistrust and resistance fanned by right-wing media and politicians.
Excellent combination of reporting and presentation. Sobering statistics.

Roe v. Wade Links

This is grim. I'm finding it hard to share articles here on the weekends like I have been lately. It looks like the Republican project to criminalize reproductive health care and deny body autonomy to women by overturning 50 years of settled law is going to happen.

The Atlantic: Alito’s Plan to Repeal Roe—and Other 20th Century Civil Rights
In the Court’s religious-freedom decisions related to the coronavirus pandemic, and in its choice last year to allow Texas to nullify the right to an abortion, you can see the outlines of this new legal regime: On the grounds that it constitutes a form of religious discrimination, conservatives will be able to claim an exemption from any generally applicable rule they do not wish to follow, while imposing their own religious and ideological views on those who do not share them.
Even if you have sympathy for their religious views, the consequences of this change to the daily lives of women are monsterous.

The Atlantic: Liberty No More
None of us can claim to understand with certainty the mysteries of human life. As medicine and science have advanced, the moral questions about abortion that we must contemplate have only grown more complicated. But none of that changes the fact that government control of women’s bodies—interference from the state that obliterates women’s freedom and in some cases ends their lives—represents a monumental blow to human rights.
Right now—before this decision is final—states are criminalizing the distribution of necessary medecine because they could potentially be used for abortion.

NPR: In Texas, abortion laws inhibit care for miscarriages
"The challenge is that the treatment for an abortion and the treatment for a miscarriage are exactly the same," said Dr. Sarah Prager, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Washington in Seattle and an expert in early pregnancy loss.
We should be using the power of the federal government to ensure women everywhere have access to the care they need in spite of states that want to hurt their citizens.

Charlie Warzel: Anti-Abortion Republicans Won. Why Are They Still Mad?
“Winning” appears to be less engaging than the threat of danger lurking behind every corner. And when the right does win, what seems to animate its adherents even more than the win is their opponents’ response to it.
This is just one reason we see more stories in the media denouncing peaceful protests than stories enumerating the consequences of this supreme court decision to people's daily lives. The way the media covers this ensures a constant state of feeling aggrieved among the people who are winning at every level of government.

Popular Information: These 13 corporations have spent $15 million supporting anti-abortion politicians since 2016
But the figure makes clear the central role of corporate money in the imminent reversal of Roe — including money from many corporations that claim to be champions for women's rights and equality.
Politicians who support criminalizing women's health do not lose financial support from institutions. Our power as consumers is weak, but at least we can be aware of which companies say one thing and do another.

All of this is just grim and unfortunately it feels like a beginning instead of an end.
Washington Post
"Congressional Republicans have vowed retaliation against companies for opposing Georgia’s voter suppression bill and for cooperating with the congressional investigation into Trump’s coup attempt."
We should find a word for ‘using the power of the state to silence critics’. And maybe a word to describe a party that advocates for that.
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