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Rod Stewart is waaaay into model trains. Thought you should know.
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If you're Mastodon-curious (and who isn't these days?) this is a great place to start. I especially enjoyed the answer to How do I establish my brand's presence on Mastodon? It would be so easy to veer into cynicism and absolutes with this question and the tone is weary but hopeful. I'm also social media weary but still hopeful about Mastodon. I really enjoy it and I think the folks who steer it are making good decisions.

Impeachment News

Impeachment, right? Since I've been in this timeline for quite a while now it's tough for me to remember that we are in a historic moment for our democracy that I should pay attention to. As with all things online, I'm trying to batch my attention instead of drip-feeding during all waking hours. And with the public impeachment hearings starting tomorrow, I thought I'd share two resources for batching that I've found helpful:

Impeachment.fyi is an afternoon newsletter with the news of the day. In the same spirit as WTFJHT, it's a great concise summary with just the right amount of shock.

For a higher level view of what impeachment means I really like Ezra Klein's podcast Impeachment, explained. I feel ike Ezra is earnestly trying to make sense of things and talking with experts to help him. I think I'm getting a better sense of the process following Ezra's process here.

The information intensity is only going to ramp up from here. You can't go wrong adding these.
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I love the Paris summer olympics logo and type design. I’m a pushover for deco inspired type. Even though I know it’s the Mini Cooper move of forming fonts it always strikes me as hopeful future. And compared with some of the goofy Olympic logos of the past, this one is playful and clever.

Recent Link Dump

It has been so long since I've linked anything that I just need to clear the backlog with an old fashioned link dump. Enjoy!
november disc golf
Basket of Leaves
Fall Path
road surrounded by green, yellow and red trees
Fall Lane
People standing in the Milwaukee art museum
HighEdWeb BSE
Closeup of Lichtenstein’s Crying Girl
Milwaukee art museum building at night
Milwaukee Art Museum
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