Tinysheet Tinysheet
image from Tinysheet
Have you ever opened Excel or Google Sheets just to add or average a few numbers? Me too! Postlight put together a wee application that can run in your phone browser for these situations. No logins or software updates required.
The Guardian The Guardian
image from The Guardian
Wow, this is some awful antisocial behavior from a company (and marketing firm) that should know better. Can we have one or two ad-free spaces?
washingtonpost.com washingtonpost.com
Nice to see a tech company prioritizing something other than growth at all costs. Good for Salesforce for acting when our governments are failing us.
photo of a stained glass window with the word architectura in the center
BC Parliament Glass
Miniature System of Governing
Clowning Around
photo of the Golden Gate Bridge from below
Hello Golden Gate
Fun Maritimes
Misty Fjords View
New Eddystone Rock
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