Helpful single serving site about that ship that's stuck in the Suez Canal. I will never get tired of this story.

Update (3/29): No. Bon voyage Ever Given.
Flickr Blog
"What a strange, unexpected delight to be asked to return with the express goal of researching what the Commons has become and understanding how cultural institutions around the world have evolved through being a part of it. We want to design a stronger future for the program, with enduring longevity at its heart."
Great to hear this! The new Flickr owners are investing in its Flickr Commons program.
"Just as he passed the $1.9 trillion COVID rescue package with zero Republican votes and zero regrets, his team sees little chance he's going to be able to rewire the government in his image if he plays by the rules of bringing in at least 10 Republicans."
Republicans made it clear right out of the gate that they are there to block anything proposed. Good to hear Biden is considering moving forward without them.
The Atlantic
"In short, McConnell recognized that the modern filibuster introduced a serious flaw into the code of American democracy. Far from fostering compromise, the current filibuster has given a unified minority party every incentive to block legislation, no matter how many Americans support it."
This is a good summary of the problem with the filibuster which still isn’t widely known. That’s why it works so well at blocking progress without blame where the filibuster still applies.
The Boston Globe
"But daylight saving time doesn’t just fail to deliver the single most important benefit expected of it. It also generates a slew of harms. In the days following the onset of daylight time each March, there is a measurable increase in suicides, atrial fibrillation, strokes, and heart attacks. Workplace injuries climb. So do fatal car crashes and emergency room visits. There is even evidence that judges hand down harsher sentences."
There's also evidence that several programmers quit the profession every year because calculating date differences while accounting for hour shifts across time zones drives them out. But yeah we're not really getting energy savings through mass interference with our sleep schedules.

How I Consume RSS in 2021

I was just looking at my iOS Screen Time report and noticed that I spend a good portion of my phone time reading RSS feeds. I'm guessing that's unusual and I thought it might be good to share my latest setup.

When Google Reader shut down in 2013 I installed Tiny Tiny RSS on an AWS server and used that regularly in a desktop browser without really touching it again until 2018. (Beyond regular OS updates.) I wrote about that update—Newsreader Update—which opened up reading feeds in a nice interface on my iPhone. I figured I'd go another five years without touching it, but no. Some quirk of the app was annoying enough that I looked at updating tt-rss and there has been a big improvement: Dockerization.

The salty folks who created and maintain tt-rss have packaged everything up with Docker so it's easier to maintain. Here's the tt-rss docker compose version. Now I have this running on a $5/month Digital Ocean server and the code updates with every reboot. The one piece I wasn't sure about was configuring the web server inside Docker. But it turned out to be pretty easy by setting up a reverse proxy on the host OS.

Anyway, I realize that not everyone is going to want to reverse proxy their way to reading RSS on their iPhone. But you can consume RSS feeds in 2021 with a little work. I still think having control of your primary news feed without all of the sorting, attention, and social alogrithms is the best way keep up with the web.

Open Web Analytics

A couple weeks ago I read Google Analytics: Stop feeding the beast and it was the straw that broke the steady drumbeat camel of not using Google Analytics on this site's back.

I looked around at alternatives and settled on Open Web Analytics. It runs locally without a complex install and you can add custom events. The interface isn't as slick as Google Analytics but since I can query the data directly I should be able to write my own report pages.

The main thing is that it's one (admittedly tiny) meal that Google doesn't get to eat. And this site is one less place that Google knows you visited. Sneaky! (If you weren't blocking GA already, which you should.)
NBC News
"'This was a pivotal week,' said Adam Jentleson, a former Senate Democratic leadership aide and author of the book 'Kill Switch,' which argues that the filibuster is crippling American democracy. 'Manchin's comments were certainly encouraging, but the most important thing may be the fact that zero Republicans voted for the American Rescue Plan. I think that drives home the need for reform more than anything else.'"
This is why I think the filibuster is the most important thing to work on right now. If no Republicans will support widely popular (and more important--obviously necessary) legislation, imagine how much support they'll lend to things that aren't as popular. We need to get over this myth that there are two parties operating in good faith to make the government work.
Washington Post
"But the staggering rise in their gains contrasts with the economic devastation of millions of Americans, amid soaring unemployment and evictions, drawing attention to issues of inequality and distribution of wealth. In fact, the $360 billion increase in top billionaire wealth approaches the $410 billion the U.S. government is spending on the latest round of $1,400 stimulus checks, passed with the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package this week."
huh, it's almost like they should pay more taxes to help out the struggling country their businesses operate in.
"Despite being the very thing that imposes a 60-vote threshold on much Senate business, the filibuster itself isn’t subject to the same threshold. If the current Democratic caucus majority in the Senate — with its 50 votes, plus Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaker — wanted to eliminate the filibuster altogether, it could do so."
I'm glad they're talking reform but I think this quote is the key point. They don't have to settle for "reform" they can completely do away with the filibuster with their majority. And who made Manchin the head of the party? Why does he go on all the talk shows and decide what level of reform can happen?
"’What the federal government and states are doing is reasserting a fundamental rule for all American business: You cannot simply buy your way out of competition,’ Wu wrote. ‘Facebook, led by its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has taken that strategy to a smirking and egregious extreme, acquiring multiple companies to stifle the competitive threat they pose.’"
This is good. [via Slashdot]

Music: Breathe (Pink Floyd Cover)

This was fun to noodle on over the last few months. I studied Ewan Cunningham's drums cover and played them on a midi drum pad over three tracks. I also watched HarryAndAGuitar's Breathe video several times to see how he played a few parts. Pretty quiet at the beginning so you'll have to add your own heartbeat and screams, sorry.

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