Oregon State’s online Ecampus program has seen a substantial increase — 14% this fall on top of an 18% increase last year.
Nice to see this positive news. I’ve been very fortunate to work at Oregon State Ecampus for the last five years. Ecampus is a dedicated group of people working hard to support remote students and help OSU faculty deliver existing programs online. I’m obviously biased but it feels like a unique part of the online education world that I’m glad I can contribute to.
Building at OSU with blue sky above
Looking Up
Quiet Campus
OSU Postcard
looking up at lights in the ceiling
MU Lights
Shepard Hall
Snell Hall Sculpture

College Admissions Fraud

If you haven't been following the college admissions fraud cases you have a lot of catching up to do. It's a rich mine of awfulness that you can dive into if you want to feel even worse about wealth, finance, education, the youths, the parents, and so on. I don't recommend it. I do work for a large land grant university with a mission to educate the public—which is not the type of institution people are conspiring on crimes to enter. However, there is a tangential connection that is annoying: one of the fraudsters used a picture of an Oregon State building on their Twitter profile. Our local paper covered it: Weatherford photo used in admissions scam. Apparently they picked a random college-esque photo and Weatherford fits that bill perfectly. I take pictures of Weatherford all the time as I walk by because it's so darn photogenic. So instead of going down the evil rabbit hole of awfulness that this story is churning, I'm looking at historic images of Weatherford Hall. It's an iconic college campus building that even scammers appreciate.
James K Weatherford
Waldo Hall
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