a photo of daisy with digitally altered colors
daisy impression
colorful digitally altered photo of a sunflower
sunflower impression

Moving Colors

These were inspired by the palettes and lines in Bridget Riley's color paintings:

riley color square 1 riley color square 2
riley color square 3 riley color square 4

If you're ok with twitchy things you can make them move.

Ruining Riley

Bridget Riley uses color and tessellating patterns in her paintings. The colors in Nataraja, 1993 feel chaotic to me but the lines provide the harmony. I used a script to add a different kind of tessellation on top which breaks the whole thing:

riley triangles

Eames Dots

How about three Eames chairs barely rendered as various sized dots?

PAW, 1952. DSR, 1954. And LCW, 1946.

eames dots 1

eames dots 2

eames dots 3

Mesh Shifts

mesh shift 0

mesh shift 90

mesh shift 180