Excellent parody of Scott McCloud’s 2008 comic about the wonders of Google Chrome. This is about the danger Chrome poses to our privacy. (And I’m obligated to say modern Firefox is a good alternative.)
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Captain America: The First Antifa. He is depicted in the first Captain America comic literally punching Hitler. Art Spiegelman of Maus fame talks about the history of comics and why Marvel Comics’ modern stance on staying “apolitical” might in fact be political. Spiegelman recently pulled an introduction he wrote for a golden age collection because Marvel didn't want to offend. Newsweek: 'Maus' Author Removed from Marvel Collection for Calling Trump 'Orange Skull'.
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Need some design inspiration? This is a great collection of comic book covers from 2018. I added quite a few to my list of comics to find. It also reminded me that I loved the disorienting Why Art? from earlier this year and I don't think I mentioned it here.
Neat Hobby! Neat Hobby!
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I would like Scott Andrew to turn them all into scarols.

DDoS of Things

image: joy of tech ransomware comic I'm not saying the DDoS attack that took out much of the US internet today was caused by our insecure connected things. I'm merely implying it through ominous links.

Mod Peanuts

This Peanuts Sunday strip from 1953 has some nice modern furniture in the last panel.

Peanuts Furniture

I didn't picture Charlie Brown's parents as Eames fans, but Schulz must have been. And what in the world is a "record"? [via Roasted Peanuts]