With The West on fire, you might need a good visualization of where fires are and where smoke is headed.
This is another great post about changing digital habits, google edition. This is feeling more possible to me every day. I need to switch to Fathom Analytics here. Google Analytics is overkill for a personal website. And it wasn't mentioned in this post, but I still haven't found a good alternative to Google Maps on my phone. Apple Maps has been improving but it's still not as accurate in my experience.
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I never get tired of these stories where people change their digital habits. This piece by Kashmir Hill is an extreme example, but also a good illustration of how ubiquitous the major tech companies are. Understanding the often hidden architecture of our tech environment helps us make mindful decisions. A couple other posts in this genre I've enjoyed lately: Bye, Bye, Google by Bogdan Popa and Pulling the plug on Facebook by Drupal founder Dries Buytaert.
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Good morning newsletter Wednesday fans! :tumbleweed: This is my favorite weekly newsletter from O'Reilly with industry news about all things data: storage, visualization, and machine learning. I feel like it has a slice of news that I don't see from other sources. I also enjoy their web platform newsletter I just happen to already subscribe to many, many web news sources. While I have you here, check out their Product Manager and Design humble bundle happening for the next 12 days. You can get a virtual stack of great books about design for under $15. It includes Articulating Design Decisions which I've always been curious about.