Have you ever been sitting there staring at an Excel spreadsheet thinking, "If I could just run a SQL query I'd have my answer." And then you have to export to CSV, import the thing into MySQL, and waste an hour figuring out why your import is failing. Anyway, this tool solves that particular problem nicely.
Towards Data Science Towards Data Science
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“The data we are shown is not the only data there is.” A good description of a statistical analysis problem and a reminder to think about causes of data not just data you see in front of you. This reminds me of that old zen saying don’t confuse the moon with the finger that points at it.
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Welcome to Newsletter Wednesday! (I just made that up so it's a thing now.) Sidebar shares five daily links about web design and it's a good one to subscribe to via email. I've recently been diving down a microcopy best practices rabbit hole and I'm blaming Sidebar for that.

Talking about money in public is awkward but so helpful and necessary to independent developers. Indie Hackers looks like a great attempt to pool some collective knowledge. [via anil]
  • Great presentation about developing web apps for mobile browsers. Includes some nice solutions to common headaches.
  • A very simple image optimizer that works well.
  • "Glue is a simple command line tool to generate CSS sprites." Handy!
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