• Find domain names for your projects beyond the big three.
  • Some clever CSS/JavaScript hacking that determines which sites on a list someone has visited. Used for questionable good here, but could be a privacy nightmare. [via hackszine]
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  • "...good practices of pagination design as well as some examples of when and how the pagination is usually implemented." [via swissmiss]
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  • Matt launched his weblog about business and blogging.
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  • Finally...this Firefox theme will add favicons to the bookmarks toolbar.
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OTFG Housekeeping

This afternoon I threw all of the code I've written for my photoblog into one directory: onfocus photos code. I realized all of the SQL stuff is spread across several text files, the code is scattered across a dozen posts, and I just need a place to dump stuff as I update the site. I'm going to try to keep this directory updated as I go. I should probably use subversion, and offer it all as a .zip file, but it's really not at a public consumption stage yet.

I spruced up the standard Apache indexes with Silk Icons by Mark James. Thanks!
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