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"Figuring out how to fix those blurry image quizzes quickly takes you into philosophical territory: what is the universal human quality that can be demonstrated to a machine, but that no machine can mimic? What is it to be human?" Yeah, this. But also: DAMMIT THESE ARE BROKEN AND ANNOYING AND ON EVERYTHING.
  • Mat Honan is experiencing a nightmare cascade failure of interconnected services. This is a good reminder to back things up and make sure your passwords are unique for each service.
  • Deconstructing the new Gmail/G+ interface for design ideas.
  • ok, it's 2011. No site is perfect, but it probably is time to shame sites that store plain text passwords. Especially those sites from big companies with the means to change things.
  • Dear media, please give Andy Rutledge complete control over the design of your sites. Thanks.
  • "...there will always be the open web for the geeks, the misfits, the eccentrics, the control freaks, and any other term we can think of to proudly express our healthy skepticism of giving up too much control over what really should be ours."
  • Dave Winer is correct: "Have the courage to stake out your spot on the open web. Fill it with delicious treats, and connect it to others. That's creativity."
  • This is a free ePub book about SQL indexes. Loaded up on my iPad for light reading.
  • This article includes an interesting use of social media for identity obfuscation. "...we create bogus individuals around client names. One person could be a photographer, one person could be a chauffeur, or whatever. We develop about 15 to 20 web sites and create all these social media sites around you. Now if you are traveling somewhere and someone puts your name in, they are going to locate those 20 other people before they get to you, depending on how much information is known about you."
  • Crowdsourced documentary about life across the world on a single day: July 24th, 2010.
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