• This is a special site for MetaFilter's 12th anniversary where members share their favorite memories. Matt found the domain of the first site linked from MetaFilter and bought it for this.
  • Area Man runs group weblog! "Thirty-five miles from Portland is the home of one of Oregon’s hottest tech properties. It’s a long way from the 'Silicon Forest' of local startups." Nice profile of Matt and his awesome Lifestyle Business that I'm happy to be part of.
  • This site comes in handy when you suddenly realize you're having a dream within a dream.
  • "Metafilter moderator Josh Millard talks to Brooke about what you do when a celebrity joins your website anonymously in order to attack his critics." Great interview with Josh on one of my favorite radio shows.
  • Matt's SXSW talk has lessons from 11 years of moderating a large online community. Quick summary: get the community to help, find patterns that lead to good/bad behavior, build tools around those patterns, find awesome moderators.
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