a picture of a factory colorized with gradients
industrial gradients
an old wind-up robot toy on a colorful digitally altered background
retro robot
a photo of daisy with digitally altered colors
daisy impression
colorful digitally altered photo of a sunflower
sunflower impression
Silver Volkswagen logo on a vintage van
VW Grill Emblem
a black and white industrial building, Seneca Sawmill Company near Eugene, Oregon
Hello Spring
photo of an orange south by southwest music festival wristband in the spine of a book
Found this ghost of festivals past used as a bookmark in my copy of Snow Crash because my 13 year old son is thinking about reading it.
a street lined with yellow and red trees
Fall Street
An orange and red leaf on cement
One Down
A hand holding a fallen leaf with a long stem
Found Leaf
Trees with fall colors along a curved street
Fall Color
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