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“I would never have gotten to see what was underneath if there hadn’t been this forced interruption,” she said. “You know when botanists bisect a tree, and can tell by the thickness of rings what the conditions were like that year? This feels like we had that year, and this is what happened.”
Beautiful photographs by Elinor Carucci.
For all your salacious guitar photography needs.
Flickr Blog
"What a strange, unexpected delight to be asked to return with the express goal of researching what the Commons has become and understanding how cultural institutions around the world have evolved through being a part of it. We want to design a stronger future for the program, with enduring longevity at its heart."
Great to hear this! The new Flickr owners are investing in its Flickr Commons program.
Wired Wired
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This sure feels like an iconic photo that sums up the impeachment hearings in so many ways. Twitter people had fun with the Morrissey remix. And Alexandra Petri is a national treasure: Foolproof ways to be not guilty of crimes.
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"In other words, we have changed our relationship with photography and photographs. It used to be that, photos served as a portal to our past. Now, we are moving so fast as we try to keep up in the age of infinitesimal attention spans."
Nice thinking here about the future of cameras as our relationship with photography changes.
Google Maps has had indoor street view for seven or eight years now. This site collects images of the Google Maps robot caught in the mirrors of those interiors. The juxtaposition of lavish preserved 18th century decor with the utilitarian machine eye feels like something out of a Kubrik movie. And the lack of humans in most pictures makes it look like a post-depopulation survey.
Outside Online Outside Online
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Short answer: yes, some clever public awareness campaigns around responsible tagging help. Sometimes not sharing a thing we love is the best way to love it. See also the cautionary tale of The Broccoli Tree.
AirVūz AirVūz
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Drone footage is dead. Racing drone footage is all I want to see from now on! This is a thrilling highlight reel by a drone racer/cinematographer. (I didn't know drone racing is a thing!)
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"...somehow you have been transported to a parallel future where everything is more alien than familiar." I love his limited palette here. They remind me of Masashi Wakui's night photos of Tokyo that I stumbled across on Flickr years ago.
Fstoppers Fstoppers
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I feel seen. And mocked. The only cure for this burn is more bokeh.
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Some amazing architecture and portrait photography of NYC in the 60's and 70's. [via Tecznts] There are a few more photographs by Hofer at Galerie m Bochum.
The Atlantic The Atlantic
image from The Atlantic
Alan Taylor at In Focus (no relation) focuses on photographs taken in and around libraries.
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