• MetaFilter is #1 on a list of companies that don't get Oregon cred. Not only is Matt Portland-ish, but I'm Corvallish, and Josh is smack-dab Portlandy.
  • "...increasingly, we're seeing people with similar levels of access engage in fundamentally different ways. And we're seeing a social media landscape where participation 'choice' leads to a digital reproduction of social divisions."
  • A disposable email service for single-use, throwaway accounts. [via nelson]
  • "Different things work for different people but I thought I'd share what worked for me in the hopes that maybe one or more of these tips will help your own weight loss as well." Good tips and motivation for healthy eating.
  • "...asking users to input their email address and password from a third-party site like GMail or Yahoo Mail is completely unacceptable." This is still so true, and I'm surprised sites like Facebook haven't been shamed into changing their "Find People" features.
  • More photography in unusual environments: "When it thinks it's falling, the hard drive heads park themselves to prevent damage upon impact. Unfortunately, in zero gravity, the camcorder always thinks it's falling." [via waxy]
  • The hazards of commercial photography: "The doorway was about 12 feet away from the unit, so although I would be in the magnetic field, it wasn't strong enough to pull the camera off of my tripod."
  • "I do wonder, however, whether my son will someday feel that his privacy is being violated, or more likely, be embarrassed about the site." I struggle with this issue too and it's why I don't post very much in public about my son. [via Daddy Types]
  • "Google is to be forced to release the records of every video watched on YouTube, including user names and web addresses, to entertainment company Viacom after a US federal court ruling." Copyright trumps privacy. [via MeFi]
  • "Perhaps the right answer is to excise the links from the old posts and to add a note explaining why the links were removed." Rafe brings up a good reason why you might need to alter archives and how you might handle it in a way that doesn't break links.
  • Some clever CSS/JavaScript hacking that determines which sites on a list someone has visited. Used for questionable good here, but could be a privacy nightmare. [via hackszine]
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  • "...good practices of pagination design as well as some examples of when and how the pagination is usually implemented." [via swissmiss]
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  • Matt and Jessamyn discuss the week in Metaflter that was. They have a nice rapport, and I think it'll be a great way to find gems across MeFi that I might have missed. (It's like a living, breathing sidebar!)
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  • Cringely speculates that the *real* purpose of the AppleTV is building a massive P2P network for iTunes video distribution. Clever!
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  • Someday everything will be tagged whether we know it or not. I, for one, welcome our new powdery RFID overlords.
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