• One Thing Well has a nice roundup of the Google Reader fallout and commentary. The verdict: no replacement yet but many are scrambling to get something working.
  • I miss the old Google Reader sharing features too. It'll be interesting to see if this new effort will get enough users to make the sharing features work as well as they did at Google. [via waxy]
  • Bloglines is shutting down and people are leaving Google Reader in droves. [via pkedrosky on Twitter via my social netw...OH, I see what's happening.]
  • Turn any Flickr RSS feed into The Big Picture by resizing the photos from Small to Large. I have my issues with Yahoo Pipes and their agressive scraping, but I have to admit this does make viewing Flickr photos with Google Reader fun.
  • A promising publish/subscribe protocol that could help connect disparate applications. [via anil]
(This site continues to languish, so I'm going to start auto-posting my daily links again. I'm not thrilled about it either.)
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