So much to blog

There's so much happening that I'd like to comment on right now, but I need to concentrate on some other writing. Here's what I would blog about if I had time:
  • Congrats Andy and Leonard and George on selling Upcoming to Yahoo!
  • I have high hopes for Ning and I love the idea behind it. Just like weblog tools let people without much technical experience become web publishers, I think Ning could let amateurs build fairly sophisticated social applications. And when lawyers and knitters start building applications, interesting things will happen. I haven't had much time to play with it yet.
  • What can be done to save the movie industry? Snakes on a Plane.
  • purchased by Verisign for $5 million $2 million. (huh.)
  • Weblogs Inc. purchased by AOL for $25 million. (double huh?)
  • I'd like to remind the investment community that I run a site with the word "blogs" in the title.
And on that other writing, poking and prodding Flickr has been fun. The book is coming along—and I need to get back to it.

Update: AOL bought 31 blogs. [via Waxy] That's ~$806,451/blog. I hope the weblog authors see some of that money, because they're currently getting around $4/post.

Webvisions and ORblogs lunch 2

Webvisions was fun, and the ORblogs lunch was great too. I don't mean to blog-drop, but how often do you get to dine with folks like Alan, Cat, JD, Matt, and Michael? It was great to hear what everyone's up to, and I'm hoping we can all get together in person more often. We agreed that it would be fun to have an official Oregon weblogs event sometime.

Today a truck dumped seven cubic yards of bark in our driveway. We did ask for it. But you don't know how much seven cubic yards is until you see it. Sitting in your driveway. Ahh well, lots of landscaping to do. The garden is going to look great. (I keep forgetting to take before pictures.)