I'm trying out umami for visitor stats on my site and so far it's easy to install (yay, Docker all the things!) and looks great.
With The West on fire, you might need a good visualization of where fires are and where smoke is headed.
"At every crucial moment, American officials were weeks or months behind the reality of the outbreak. Those delays likely cost tens of thousands of lives."
The weakness of positive thinking visualized.
Interesting visualization of the disparity between the ultra-rich and others. This might indicate a problem with the system?
This is a fun site to browse for visual inspiration. It has high-resolution scans of historic maps and map-adjacent documents that you can zoom around to see details. I've been going back to the data visualization category and the illustrated maps are pretty great too. Here's the origin story of this project.
  • Write an HTML5/JavaScript app and PhoneGap will turn it into a native app for various mobile devices including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.
  • Still in Alpha, but this looks like a great way to speed-up mobile site development. The form elements demo is impressive.
  • Another JavaScript charting library.
  • JavaScript visualization library.
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