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Have I mentioned how much I like the layout? This is their discover page that shows recent updates. So clean. No like counts. No ‘share this’ button. No ads. No calls to add a comment or sign up or subscribe or download the app or turn on notifications. More like this please.

Old School Bloggers

I spotted this Ask MetaFilter thread in my referrers: Any old-school bloggers still posting? They are! And I wanted an easy way to browse them so I scraped the page with Extract Links From Page, grepped away the internal links, and ran the results through a version of to get titles.

That gave me a condensed version of mostly old-school blogs that are mostly still running:

dooce | Blog
Anil Dash
Nelson's Weblog – Andy Baio lives here
everlasting blort
Station Identification: Whatever
Scripting News
abada abada - twenty years of jessamyn
Daring Fireball
mimi smartypants
mimi smartypants
rabbit blog
Heather Havrilesky
mimi smartypants
Montreal City Weblog | Discordia salus
Idle Words
Making Light
justin's links
Flutterby™! Dan Lyke life
The Boston Diaries
Mike the Mad Biologist
mssv – Adrian Hon
Waiter Rant
AKMA’s Random Thoughts
things magazine
Miscellaneous Heathen
Charlie's Diary
San Diego Bloggers.
Doc Searls Weblog
Joho the Blog
Cheese Blog
feeling listless
Small Pieces: The Gang Blog
Hello. My name is Bix.
A Whole Lotta Nothing
Now This
Trout Nation
Scripting News
Oliva – Poems & Photos – VOLVER TORONTO
Follow Me Here
Boing Boing
Writing (Phil Gyford’s website)
Journal Collections – Mary Anne Mohanraj
Creative Good: Blog
Absolute Write Water Cooler
amalah . com
Fluid Pudding
Acts of Volition
boost ventilator global network
The Virtual Ventilator
idiot king
growabrain: Blog of the Day Archives
On the Wine Trail in Italy
Blog -

The personal web is a beautiful thing and it's still out there. Thanks MeFi community for putting this together! Be sure to read the thread for the full context of these links.
20 years!? This is like when you find out your favorite album in college is 20 years old. And also you were in that band.

Andy Baio redesigned his weblog and has some thoughts on why blogging is ok.

Couch to BlogK

What if I started blogging again? I used to enjoy putting words in an order specific to clearly convey ideas in a public setting. So my blog voice is rusty. That's why I need a program to help get me off the couch to go get my laptop and then back to the couch where I can craft content for the open Web. (Did we stop capitalizing Web?)

What do I have to lose? The blogosphere is a burned-out, empty forest with a few giant redwoods that survived that great social media blaze of the mid 2000s. I know the score. I have Google Analytics running here. It's just me and those few bots that know how to trick Google Analytics into thinking they're legitimate traffic. Come with me, clever bots, while I reclaim my corner of the blogosphere!

This program will consist of a forced writing regimin.
  • Not only words, but it's important to think about all of the digital artifacts of living. They're all moving toward the domain of companies in the name of convenience. This conversation explains some of the problems with that. [via waxy]
  • Nice to see MetaFilter at the top of this list--we've been working on site bandwidth. And I agree on the jQuery problem. There's a bandwidth cost associated with easier development.
  • Looks simple, sharp! Nice update.
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