Couch to BlogK

What if I started blogging again? I used to enjoy putting words in an order specific to clearly convey ideas in a public setting. So my blog voice is rusty. That's why I need a program to help get me off the couch to go get my laptop and then back to the couch where I can craft content for the open Web. (Did we stop capitalizing Web?)

What do I have to lose? The blogosphere is a burned-out, empty forest with a few giant redwoods that survived that great social media blaze of the mid 2000s. I know the score. I have Google Analytics running here. It's just me and those few bots that know how to trick Google Analytics into thinking they're legitimate traffic. Come with me, clever bots, while I reclaim my corner of the blogosphere!

This program will consist of a forced writing regimin.
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Do these even work?
I'm reading! RSS has a posse
haha, Nelson, in before comments are disabled!
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