• Rafe on conflicting images of Iran. We're only getting one view of the country in our major media outlets, but the social Web provides a more nuanced, complete view.
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  • haha, let fate determine where you should eat! Jim put together a fun visualization of Yahoo! Local business entries.
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  • Mobile photography software from Yahoo. The auto-tagging is clumsy, but the tag-suggestion based on location looks nice.
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  • Types of players in old-school MUDs--translates well to web application users.
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  • Project Gutenberg: "This volume is a narrative of Scott's Last Expedition from its departure from England in 1910 to its return to New Zealand in 1913."
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I'm going to start pulling my links in as a post like the cool kids do. Here are the links from yesterday to kick things off...

Yahoo! Hacks Video

Molly Wood (hooray for!) over at CNet took some tips from Yahoo! Hacks, and made a four minute video pointing out some Yahoo! Search tips: Video: Yahoo hacks.

Computer Outlook Interview

oh hey, I'm going to be on the radio in a few minutes talking about Yahoo! Hacks. Tune into Computer Outlook if you want to listen in.

Guest Post at Yahoo! Search blog

I'm a guest blogger today over at the Yahoo! Search blog talking about (what else?) Yahoo! Hacks. The Good Kind....

Yahoo! Hacks Down Under

G'day, mate. CNET Australia has a few excerpts from Yahoo! Hacks for your consideration: DIY: Yahoo Hacks. Be sure to read the article to yourself with an Australian accent for the full effect.

Also: Insider Tips at ZDNet and CNET. (hooray for syndication!)

Monday Yahoo! Answer

And we have a winner! Congrats, Ryan. Your copy of Yahoo! Hacks will be on its way later today. Thanks to everyone who played!

The answer I was looking for: February 2005. You can read more about this moment in history here, here, here (my post), or here. And if you already have Yahoo! Hacks you'll find the answer on page xiv in the Preface. This launch was a turning-point in my perception of Yahoo!, and of course that release kicked off an entire year of suprising announcements from Yahoo! including acquiring Flickr, launching Yahoo! 360, launching My Web, and acquiring upcoming and among many others.

Sunday Yahoo! Question

Just for fun on a Sunday—I'll send a copy of Yahoo! Hacks to the first person who sends me the correct answer to the following question.
In what month/year did Yahoo! publicly launch their Search Web Services?
Be sure to include your name, mailing address, and site URL (if you have one)—and you'll need to be ok with me publishing your name/URL on this site. Employees of Onfocus Holdings, Ltd. are not eligible, this is for entertainment purposes only, void where prohibited.

Update: oops, I didn't realize this question would be so confusing. Here's a hint: try searching for the phrase yahoo search web services launch at Yahoo! Search, and check out the date on any of the announcements from Yahoo! sources in the results.

Another Yahoo! Hacker

Yahoo! Hacks

Another copy of Yahoo! Hacks has been spotted in the wild. This copy belongs to Premshree Pillai. He works at Yahoo! and contributed two Yahoo! Search API hacks to the book. One hack shows how to use the API with Ruby, and the other is a nifty little REBOL app for finding images with Yahoo! Image Search.
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