was purchased by Advertising Age. [via Ev] I think it's fine that the site will be back, but will it really be critical now that it's owned by the advertising industry? Marketingspeak drips from that release (my emphasis): was founded in 1999 and led the advertising industry into the online world of downloadable video, building up a library of thousands of digitized ads and garnering favorable publicity among advertising fans worldwide.
Is there really such a thing as advertising fans? Are there people who just flip around TV watching the ads? Damn, it's all programs, where are the ads? I think much of what people enjoyed about the site was the critical side that its name implies. If this press release is any indication, the future of the newly marginalized does not look bright.

On a related obvious note, we have to quickly find a way for independent sites to cover bandwidth costs, make some money, and stay independent.
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