Found poetry.

To Be Remo ved

Where the message body contains 'to be removed' or 'to be unsubcribed' or 'to unsubscribe' or 'To remove' or 'unsubscribe at' or 'To be taken off' or 'Removal Instructions' or 'Removes email here' or '"REMOVE" in the subject line' or 'the word REMOVE' or 'To stop future mailings' or 'If you wish to be taken of our list' or 'To be deleted from our mailing list' or 'Opt-out' or 'To be remo ved' or 'delete from list' or 'List Removal' or 'OPT-OUT' or 'to be excluded' or 'To be taken out of our database' or 'stop sending you email' or 'to get removed' or 'REMOVE in the subject line' or 'to receive no further advertisements' or 'no longer wish to receive'
Delete it
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