Moving to Oregon

It's finally starting to hit me that skp and I are in our last two weeks of living in the Bay Area. We found an apartment, reserved a truck, and we're beginning to fill boxes. This next week we'll be doing serious packing and making trips to our new home. We'll be living in transition. I haven't even had a chance to feel sad about leaving because I've been so busy getting ready to go. I know I'm going to miss it. I fell in love with Sebastopol and the whole Bay Area as soon as I moved here in late 1998—especially the Sonoma County geography, weather, and attitude. We have fantastic friends and family here, know back roads, and have favorite spots for working, eating, relaxing. We love being able to drive an hour to visit San Francisco, and we've walked hundreds of miles of trails from the coast to Yosemite. We love our house on a hill that has great views of Mt. St. Helena and west Santa Rosa. But we feel like it's time to start a new chapter. It's time to discover new favorite places, walk different trails, and explore different cities. Saying goodbye is the hardest part of moving, but we won't be out of touch. We'll just be 600 miles north in Corvallis, Oregon.
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If the job market up there gets better, I might be heading that way myself. Good luck, Paul.
PB, best wishes on your new adventure. can't wait to see the photos to come :)
Best of luck and enjoy.
I just returned from a visit to the Seattle area. The Olympic peninsula is a very beautiful place. It is quite different from my home here in Hawaii. A few years ago I travelled the Pacific coast from San Diego to Seattle. The place you're moving to is also very nice. Sometimes I wish to return to the mainland but, I can't stand the cold weather. Anyhow, I see that I am rambling. Onfocus is a great web log and I look forward to reading it everyday!
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