Today I chatted with someone from Musicstrands and found out a bit about the company. They're based here in Corvallis, Oregon and employ somewhere around 30 people locally. It's fun to learn that a little piece of Web 2.0 is being built right here in my backyard. I use their competitor (my profile), but I don't feel too bad because I've been sending my listening habits there since Audioscrobbler appeared several years ago. Sharing music seems so natural that I bet iTunes or YME will ship with more social features (like those MusicStrands provides) in the future.

If you want to see what Musicstrands is cooking up, check out MusicStrands Labs. They even have a tool for people like me that gives music recommendations for users. (Thanks in part to the Audioscrobbler API, I assume.) Also fun: MusicStrands patents.
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