Show and Tell: Firefox Extensions

Just set up a new instance of Firefox, and I had to figure out which extensions I couldn't live without. Here's a screenshot of the list:

Firefox extensions

And here are the details:
  • Dom Inspector and Talkback are installed by default.
  • FlashGot - sends large files to a download manager like ReGet (PC) or iGetter (Mac).
  • Clone Window - When you open a new tab or window you'll get the current URL instead of a blank page.
  • Greasemonkey - Does anyone not have Greasemonkey installed? If I could only have one extension, this would be it. It customizes websites with user scripts.
  • Feed Your Reader - Makes that orange feed icon in the address bar actually useful. I use it to subscribe to feeds at Bloglines.
  • Live HTTP Headers - Useful for debugging web stuff. I don't often need the full power of Ethereal, so this extension will give me a look at the headers without the hassle.
  • Live IP Address - I want to know what my IP address is. I'm a geek.
  • Web Developer - This extension does a bunch of stuff, but I've found I use the no-cookies and no-CSS toggles most often.
  • Forecastfox - I use it to show the current weather conditions in the lower-right corner because I don't get outside much. ;) The severe weather alerts are also handy.
Any extensions you can't live without?
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I -love- Pearl Crescent's 'Page Saver' extension. It does partial- or full-page image captures of sites. I used to use SnagIt for this same purpose.
I like SessionSaver a lot. It lets me close my browser and when I open it back up, it restores it exactly as I left it, tabs and everything
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