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  • The soviet photos and false intro are heavy handed, but archive integrity is an important subject. They quote Rebecca Blood's Weblog Ethics:
    History can be rewritten, but it cannot be undone. Changing or deleting words is possible on the Web, but possibility does not always make good policy. Think before you publish and stand behind what you write. If you later decide you were wrong about something, make a note of it and move on.
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  • "Start expressing fuel efficiency as gallons per mile (gpm) for some standard (meaningful) distance. We prefer gallons per 10,000 miles because it makes clear that seemingly small mpg improvements are valuable."

Alsea Falls Sounds

Alsea Falls is a small waterfall about 30 miles southwest of Corvallis. Today we took some back roads we hadn't been on before to get there, and then we took a nice walk around the falls. Here's what the falls sounded like:

Famers' Market Sounds

Corvallis has a great Farmers' Market and we try to go every Saturday. They block off 1st street by the river (view from above) and a few city blocks are filled with local vendors selling food.

Farmer's Market

Here's what walking through the farmer's market sounded like yesterday:

If you listen you can hear a guy playing a didgeridoo, kids screaming as they run through a fountain, a few guys playing jazz, dogs panting, and lots of snippets of conversations. The best reason to go to the Farmers' Market right now? Oregon Hood strawberries are in season. We made this fantastic strawberry shortcake with Hood berries from the market:

Hood Strawberry Shortcake

Best. Strawberries. Ever.
  • Some clever CSS/JavaScript hacking that determines which sites on a list someone has visited. Used for questionable good here, but could be a privacy nightmare. [via hackszine]
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  • "...good practices of pagination design as well as some examples of when and how the pagination is usually implemented." [via swissmiss]
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(This site continues to languish, so I'm going to start auto-posting my daily links again. I'm not thrilled about it either.)

Chip Ross Sounds

You're probably wondering what Chip Ross Park (view from above) sounds like in the afternoon. I can finally answer that for you.