Famers' Market Sounds

Corvallis has a great Farmers' Market and we try to go every Saturday. They block off 1st street by the river (view from above) and a few city blocks are filled with local vendors selling food.

Farmer's Market

Here's what walking through the farmer's market sounded like yesterday:

If you listen you can hear a guy playing a didgeridoo, kids screaming as they run through a fountain, a few guys playing jazz, dogs panting, and lots of snippets of conversations. The best reason to go to the Farmers' Market right now? Oregon Hood strawberries are in season. We made this fantastic strawberry shortcake with Hood berries from the market:

Hood Strawberry Shortcake

Best. Strawberries. Ever.
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Wow! Yum!!!
Great clip, thank you! I am a Sunday Market vendor here in Astoria.

I'm the market manager. I really enjoyed this piece.

Were you really able to walk through the whole market in that time frame? The only way I can achieve that would be to walk on one of the sidewalks rather than through the middle. People stop me to ask questions and offer opinions, which probably didn't happen to you.

I could tell you were walking from north to south based on the order of the music, but I wasn't sure if you turned onto Monroe. I was listening for some tinkling silverware, but I wasn't sure I heard that.
Hi Rebecca! Thanks, and thanks for putting together the Farmers' Market, it's always fun. The music has been great this year.

For this recording I walked from Van Buren to Monroe without stopping along the way. Before I turned up Monroe I stopped recording, so I missed the sounds of cooking and people eating. We did our shopping on the way back through the other way.
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