Remove Google Reader 'Likes'

Google Reader is adding some new social features, and one of them is Likes. You can mark that you like a particular post that flows through Google Reader and see other users who have done the same. The Like notification appears in a prominent position directly under the headline:

Google Reader Likes

There's no way to opt out of the feature and I found it distracting. To disable it, I used Stylish for Firefox. I chose "Write new style", then "for", and I added the following lines (after some CSS investigation):
.entry-likers-n {display:none;}
.like-inactive {display:none;}
That removes both the Likes count and the button for marking something as liked. It's a lot like the MetaFilter favorites feature but it feels odd because there's little to no community interaction at Google Reader. I guess it might be neat to spot someone you happen to know in a liked-list, but what are the chances? (Showing just my contacts who liked something would be great.) Aggregate data might be fun to see, but I don't need the feature active unless I want to start Liking-posts-up to give them more attention on a list of popular posts somewhere. So until Google Reader liked-lists are more than just a list of random users who liked something, I'm going to mute it.
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Agreed, it seems very poorly thought through. And such a waste of vertical screen space.
I'm surprised the Like count is in such a prominent place. It's so front and center that it feels like Liking things is the central purpose of the application. In my case, reading stuff without distraction is the central reason I use Google Reader. IMHO they should have put the Like count at the bottom of the post (perhaps alongside all the cruft that Google's Feedburner adds to feeds) where it's easier to tune out if you're not using it.
They -should- just stick the number right next to the "Like" button (i.e. "Like (72)")

I hate to leave Google Reader, but since I don't use FF I can't get rid of that stupid thing in my way.
But it's so tiny! What if they move it over and out of the way a bit more + reduce font size?
You might be my hero. I'm just sayin'.
Just noticed that Google Reader added an option in Settings to "Only show 'Likes' by people you follow." That solves the problem for me.
I clicked "like" on one post accidentally, and now cannot figure how to "un-like"! Really annoying.
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