Reeder for iPad

A couple months ago I posted that I wanted an Image Reader for the iPad. I've found the next best thing that meets almost everything on my wish list: Reeder for iPad. It is the best $5 I've spent on the iPad so far. Here's a look:

reeder on an ipad

As you can see: minimal interface with a few buttons along the side and top. You tap those arrows to go forward/back, and there's seamless integration with Google Reader for favoriting and sharing. I also use the iPhone version of Reeder and the iPad version is even better. There's less reporting on what Reeder is doing in the background, so I think more about what I'm reading and less about what I'm using to read.

I'd still like a way to strip away even text and interact with the images on their own at full screen, but this is so close to perfect that I won't complain.
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But, does it handle the Big Picture any better than google reader or safari? I saw alan's comment about working on an iPad-aware web version or dedicated app. Anything new on that front?

New app called Blogshelf for iPad is a beautiful, elegant reader app. But, it fails on Big Picture as well.
The Big Picture doesn't offer all of its content via RSS so you can't fault the newsreaders for that. If you want to see every picture there, you'll have to lobby them to make it available in a format that readers can digest.

Haven't heard anything about The Big Picture iPad app. If it's like the Guardian app that I mentioned in the other post I think that will be a great way to read the site. I'd be willing to kick in a few bucks for that to help them recoup lost ad revenue.
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