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Rainy Corvallis
???? wyverns on the stern ????

Saturday Links

Tragically edition.
All the Things
Canada is greiving the loss of Gord Downie and some of us non-Canadians are too. RIP.

leaf cleanup
blackberry leaves

Saturday Links

Dreary edition.
Santa Rosa

Feeling heartbroken about the devastation in Sonoma County where I used to live. I'm sure you've seen pictures and heard stories by now. They're going to need help.

And the Rest
Logging Off

I took a day off from Twitter yesterday and it was fantastic. I highly recommend social media fasting. I have already uninstalled Twitter and Facebook apps from my phone but I'm such a creature of habit I had to block from myself in various hosts files and with parental controls on my iPhone. Of course I can easliy undo these, but that little speedbump from my mammal brain reminds my lizard brain that I'm trying to stay away. I need to find a way to make breaking that addiction a regular habit. har har.

Saturday Links

Bad times edition.
Antisocial Media
More Bad News
And Now, This
RIP Tom Petty. Here he is getting jam band-y with Mudcrutch:

Sunday scene