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Basket of Leaves
Fall Path
road surrounded by green, yellow and red trees
Fall Lane
People standing in the Milwaukee art museum
HighEdWeb BSE
Closeup of Lichtenstein’s Crying Girl
Milwaukee art museum building at night
Milwaukee Art Museum
Circular art on museum wall Closeup of circular art, dots in a golden ratio distribution maybe
Milwaukee skyline at night
Milwaukee Night
Lion statue on brick memorial with engraved word: gone
Looking up at baroque Milwaukee building Detail of baroque Milwaukee bilding
Mitchell Building
instant press
Home Gimlet Media
replay all podcast cover which is a space rave cube mountain
Speaking of podcasts, PJ Vogt just dived into 30-50 feral hogs and it was pretty great. I would subscribe to his feral hogs newsletter. Also, can we talk about the reply-all cover which is a space rave cube in a gradient mountain for some reason? I blame Spotify.
The Our Fake History podcast tells the true stories behind untrue things we believe about history. I really enjoyed this episode about the absurdist secret society The Clampers and a hoax they accidentally (?) perpetrated involving an artifact Sir Francis Drake left in California in 1579.
Above Seattle

Random D&D Links

After taking the summer off, my D&D group is gearing up to play again so I've been gathering links. Here are some that I've found useful recently:
Ars Technica Ars Technica
image from Ars Technica
Henbane will be the name of my next metal band.

DARN, prior art.
Medium Medium
I am guilty of using this word as filler or an intensifier all the time. This is a public note to myself to cut it out.