People joining the Fediverse are those looking for freedom. If people are not ready or are not looking for freedom, that’s fine. They have the right to stay on proprietary platforms. We should not force them into the Fediverse. We should not try to include as many people as we can at all cost. We should be honest and ensure people join the Fediverse because they share some of the values behind it.
Yes, some tough decisions ahead for Mastodon moderators with Facebook starting to pay attention to the Fediverse. I don't think people should prescribe how other people should use social media. I also think Facebook has a long track record of enshittifying everything it touches so it makes sense for people to try to keep Facebook as far away from their social media experience as possible. I hope as long we have and use open protocols and promote the idea that we should control our data, people will find a balance that works for them.
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