"The foundation of maturity: Just because it’s not your fault doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility."
More life wisdom from Kevin Kelly. I really enjoy these.
Happy birthday, kk! Thanks for the advice, this is a great unordered list of wisdom.
Timeless advice that applies to more than just computing.
"Most user interfaces are terrible. When people make mistakes it's usually the fault of the interface. You've forgotten how many ways you've learned to adapt to bad interfaces."
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Most books published before 1964 are in the public domain even though copyright has been extended to cover things by default after 1923. This article explains things well. Here's another take with more background: Where to Download the Millions of Free eBooks that Secretly Entered the Public Domain.

Almost completely unrelated, I enjoyed Top 5 bits of advice for first-time readers of Moby-Dick which I found via Austin Kleon but now can't find a direct link to that mention. Moby Dick is not in copyright so it's easy to track down. har har.
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"I’d start with, at most, 10 news sites to subscribe to. This will give you a feel for how fast you want the feed to move. Too slow? Add more. To fast? Delete a few. I try to narrow things down even further: Instead of subscribing to the New York Times, which publishes dozens of items per day, I subscribe specifically to the Times’ tech section, which means I get a much more curated selection."
Seconded. And hey, I could have written this. This article has great advice for embracing the decentralized lifestyle. I personally use a self-hosted Tiny Tiny RSS with Reeder on iOS which costs about $8/month at AWS. Instead of limiting feeds, I subscribe liberally and put them in folders by subject. Then I browse by subject periodically instead of the full list of feeds and tune from there.

hot shower for sunburn

A friend gave me some great advice about sunburns. She said I should take a hot shower with the water as hot as I could stand it. I hadn't heard of this before, and it just sounded painful. And it was. But it worked! The hot shower took the constant sting out of the burn, and it's been much better since. Who knew? (I'm guessing you shouldn't try this for very serious burns, I'm not a doctor, YMMV, etc, etc.)