Tim Heidecker with probably the bravest parody ever. I think so. Just go back 10, 20 years and you'll realize how upside down it is out there.
"Whatever lawmakers are willing to set it at, let's double that, just to be safe. That's what I say. I say, whatever it is, let's double it. We've tried underpaying people. That doesn't work. Let's try overpaying for a little bit. I think that's the best strategy right now."
I love those angry IKEA guy videos and it’s great to hear more of his story. If you haven’t seen them yet [dramatic music starts] that’s on you. LOOK INWARD.
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I agree with this. Repeating a frame or an idea—even to mock it—distributes and strengthens that idea. I love Colbert but I stopped watching a long time ago. Laughing wasn't enough to make up for the disturbing source material. It reminds me again that the old Internet cliché don't feed the trolls is something the media hasn't adopted yet. See also the great way Jay Smooth put it: Don't Link to the Line Steppers.
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I feel seen. And mocked. The only cure for this burn is more bokeh.
  • Excellent thoughts on community moderation. "This is why community moderators have real power; they need that power to intervene, educate, and refocus the community's exuberance on more substantive content. People will fight you almost literally to the death over their right to be entertained, and to entertain others."
  • Hilarious gallery of terrifying horse mask pictures contributed by Amazon users. [via mlkshk]
  • You're probably already subscribing, but if not: this is the best podcast on the Internet. Merlin Mann and John Roderick discuss things. Humorous things.
  • Area Man runs group weblog! "Thirty-five miles from Portland is the home of one of Oregon’s hottest tech properties. It’s a long way from the 'Silicon Forest' of local startups." Nice profile of Matt and his awesome Lifestyle Business that I'm happy to be part of.
  • This site comes in handy when you suddenly realize you're having a dream within a dream.
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