• "We looked at the most compelling social sites across the web, from Twitter to Tumblr, Pownce to FriendFeed, and more. And then we built an application around open standards to offer you the best features of each of these services, on your own site."
  • self-explanatory, I believe.
  • Rafe on conflicting images of Iran. We're only getting one view of the country in our major media outlets, but the social Web provides a more nuanced, complete view.
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  • haha, let fate determine where you should eat! Jim put together a fun visualization of Yahoo! Local business entries.
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  • you can get the best of the web at mathowie's community blog (excepting pancakes)
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  • "To investigate more formally, I purchased some time on a computer cluster and downloaded a copy of the Wikipedia archives. I wrote a little program to go through each edit and count how much of it remained in the latest version..."
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Vodka drinks you!

Yakov Smirnoff-inspired lines via Google: In Communist Russia * You. Read the bold phrases. In Communist Russia, Google searches you!

Update: Even more matches with: In Soviet Russia * You.
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