Matt Haughey on social media trolls:
“Every bad thing at MetaFilter happened with someone who had been testing the rules for a year or two,” he said. “Those are the ones who tend to blossom into super-trolls over time. They’ll see what they can get away with, they’ll figure out what the limits are, and just stay a step inside. It can go on forever. And when you inevitably break and say, this is a bad idea, they freak out, and try to play the victim.”
Good for Twitter for starting to enforce their terms at this late hour. I can imagine a world where they enforced their terms all along and it makes me disappointed and angry.
  • I'm really enjoying the discussion of audience clapping that this old Harry Connick Jr. video spawned at MetaFilter. (HCJ somehow adds a beat around :38 so the audience is clapping on 2 & 4 instead of 1 & 3.)

Quick Update

I'm still alive! And if I had time to blog, I might post stuff like this: Until next month (probably), have fun without me.
  • oh man, this is funny. The language is definitely not safe for work (but neither is MeFi, apparently).
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