Posts from November 2008

  • Google hosts several popular JavaScript libraries on their insane worldwide content distribution network. If you have faith in their uptime it could be a good way to speed up your site a bit.
  • "While daylight time reduces demand for household lighting, it increases demand for heating in the early spring and late fall (in the mornings) and, even more important, for cooling on summer evenings. Benjamin Franklin was right about candles, in other words, but he did not consider air-conditioners."

Saving Myself from Myself

Do you have a bookmark you just mindlessly click all the time? I have at least one of those, and I found a way to make sure I really want to go to the site. I turned the bookmark into a bookmarklet with a JavaScript confirm before it loads. Now whenever I click a problem bookmark, I get a simple prompt: Are You Sure? If I really want to go to the site I click OK. If I was mindlessly clicking out of habit, Cancel.

If you too would like to create a time-saving mindful bookmarklet, here's how it works. Go in and edit any problem bookmark. Say for the sake of argument it's a bookmark for this URL:

Add a tiny bit of JavaScript to the beginning and end of the URL, like this:

javascript:if(confirm('Are You Sure?')){document.location='';}

Save, and done. I'm tempted to write a Greasemonkey script to add this prompt to every link on the web because that simple barrier to entry is helping me break free from my mindless skinner box. And JavaScript prompts are less painful than classic operant conditioning with electric shocks.
  • If one were to construct an amendment to the Constitution based on a literal reading of the Bible it might well contain the following stipulations. [via lancearthur]
  • Audio recordings of animals and environments throughout the western United States.
  • Need to type an extended character? Just point and click the symbol you need at this single serving site.