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This is a fun article aimed at aspiring visual artists but I think there's good advice here for anyone who makes things. I especially appreciated Embed thought in material and Learn the Difference Between Subject Matter and Content.
I love these corruptions of ornamental patterns by Robert Dawson—especially the motion blur plate. [via mltshp] This reminded me of the fantastic book Grammar of Ornament. You can browse through the book at the Internet Archive: The grammar of ornament.
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YouTube is ending its video annotations feature and Andy has rounded up a collection of some of the most innovative uses. It's a great reminder that people are endlessly inventive with any tools they have available to them. Even though most annotations are an annoying distraction, people did interesting things with them and we lose some of our history when companies remove content. Check them out within the next couple weeks—then they'll be gone.
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Pompeian bull
Roman Woman
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Goss Statue ??
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Alice Biddle in the rain
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