Wednesday Links

When things turn to garbage I guess I turn to Wikipedia. A couple more links I've been thinking about recently: False equivalence and Slippary slope. Have journalists seen these? Because I feel like they haven't seen these.

Sunday Links, Early August

Some unorganized links from the past week or so: I've been enjoying the new Arcade Fire:

Saturday Links, Late July

And now, the wokest links (apologies to @ameliargh): In other news:

Link Pile, Early July

It has been a while, dear reader. I was about to declare link bankruptcy, delete all to-share links, and start again with a clean slate. However, in the rush to find the latest and greatest links I assume you might have missed one of these non-organized gems from the past arbitrary amount of time. Or maybe you'll rediscover a popular link from weeks ago and see it from a wiser, weeks-older perspective. Anyway, here's Wonderwall (of links):

Sunday Links, Early Mid June

Links: And in other news:

Sunday Links, Early June

More links for your weekly link pile: And in other news: And a chaser, la hora sonó, la hora sonó:

Monday Links, End of May

Today is Memorial Day in the US. It can't hurt to read about the history of Memorial Day on Wikipedia. Here are some other links from the last week or so: And in other news:

Sunday Links, Late May

A few recent links: And in other news:

Saturday Links, Mid May

It's link time. I've been spending quite a bit of time trying to keep up with our sinking ship of state. If you haven't been watching, here are some links that will help (?): I'm off to rearrange some deck chairs.

Sunday Links, Early May

A few Sunday links in at buzzer here in Pacific time:

Sunday Links, Late April

Quite a few links in my pile of links to share. Here they are in no particular order:

Wednesday Supplemental Links II

In the grand tradition (two is a tradition) of posting links on Wednesdays, here is some fine reading to tide you over until the weekend:
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