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new pyra desk

ooh, this page is cool: sententiae latinae.

I should have saved $3 and used this online Latin – English dictionary. Oh well, mine fits better by my bed.

I bought a Latin-English dictionary to help with the Latin phrases in the book. Graecum est, non legitur. It's greek to me. I should really be learning Italian so I can read the orignal text of the book. Ad Fontis!

I'm also reading Name of the Rose. It's nothing like a blog.

Tonight I finally started reading The Cluetrain Manifesto. It's funny how much its structure is like a traditional blog. The paragraphs aren't all run-together. They're all separate blurbs with space in between...complete with snarky comments and attitude. All those blurbs need is a time stamp and a permanent link-link and it's a blog. It's a blog masquerading as a book. (and making more money.)

I don't have a book in the works.

I learned a harsh and important social lesson today: never ask a writer if they have a book in the works unless they do indeed have a book in the works.

Ev's pic of today is me, drinking.

Here's the exact quote. Ironically, Alan Cooper said it.

someone very smart said: "No matter how great your interface is, it would be better if there was less of it." amen. [link via tbtf]

I can't stop listening to The Tragically Hip's new album Music @ Work. Granted, I've been a big fan for a long time. But it usually takes a while for me to warm up to a new album. In this case, I've been repeatedly devouring it since the first day. Lyric of this moment:

...and cause discontent until They,
ceasing their investigation,
bring back the days' events,
good citizens and time well spent,
til we're talking in whispers again.

- The Hip

whoa. jake redesigned his site. sharp.

jack and matt @ mars

meg and ev @ mars

Here are some things I learned from rafting: 1.) rafting is a lot of work. I had no idea so much paddling would be involved. 2.) pack everything you need – then cut that in half. 3.) if the guide says, "it's just around this corner!" they're lying. 4.) being thrown from the raft is not as scary as it sounds. 5.) every rapid has a name. even the little ones.

postcards from the klamath (pictures from my last weekend.)

Dinah posted some good words about micropayments.

Fun with paypal! If you sign up through my referral link and I get credited $5, I'll split it with you.

I have now received $0.50 via paypal. (If you follow that link and sign up, I'll get $5.) Could weblogs start a paypal path through the micropayment jungle? (I'm not even sure what that means.)

Courtney Love does the math: "What the hell is content? Nobody buys content. Real people pay money for music because it means something to them. A great song is not just something to take up space on a Web site next to stock market quotes and baseball scores."

me at clear creek (somewhere above the klamath)

scott river

woo-hoo! I made it back from the Klamath river. What a fun time! I'll post more about my trip soon (with photos). Now I'm going to sleep in my nice soft bed inside of my house.

Well, I'll be disconnected for a few days. I'm going camping and rafting.

meg's wish for heat came true. ugh, it's hot.

yay. my quotes page is back on the air. I want to do something cool with it, but I'm not sure what that is yet. The page lends itself to longer quotes now...hmm.

When someone says, "You should blog that!" It really means, "Stop telling me this."

When one happens to get the led out, it means that they are playing led zeppelin very loud in order to enjoy the power and splendour that is led zeppelin. After getting the led out all day, you may grow weary of Plant's wailing and Page's flailing. Might I recommend some other activities for you?
  • getting the creed out - proud mary not lodi
  • getting the cough out - super bon bon
  • getting the funk out - parliament or sly
  • getting the kinks out
  • getting the bugs out - the beatles or crickets
  • getting the outfield - josie's on a vacation far away
  • getting the zen out - no music, breathing
  • geddy out - 2112
  • getting the peace out - leaving the room
Happy getting! (out.)

the hotmail truck delivering hotmail

New idea for kozmo. Allow anyone to be a kozmo delivery person. You're going across town anyway? Stop by a kozmo center, pick up a package, and deliver it. Make a few extra bucks. It's like a communal delivery system that is suddenly very expandable. This is a great idea if you don't think it through.


xi theses state
hell is not other people
what now what now what

Haiku seems to be the poetic form of choice amongst webloggers. It makes sense. One idea in a few lines. Like a post. I bet Basho would have been a blogger. I would like to read and participate in a group weblog renga...where each poet would link to the next stanza (tanka?) on a different blog by a different author in a chain. It would be especially nice if this would happen organically without some sort of central organization. Something that flows. It seems like a nice fit with the linking nature of the Web and the short form blogs.

Sometimes you feel like a product of mass media—indifferently repeating slogans for products you are persuaded to purchase. Sometimes you don't. "These girls for some reason didn't want me in their picture. So I took myself out. I just can't understand!?" I think craig should have put himself in there more. Four or five goofy craigs in the background of that photo would have done it up right.

Today is national yo-yo day. I'm not sure why yo-yoing needs its own day. Every day is yo-yo day in my world. And how do you celebrate yo-yo day? Here are some ideas.

Hey! Someone over at coolstop liked this site. :) Many thanks for picking me and for the flattering description. I am indeed one with the Internet as my about page says.

skp and I just got back from a little hike through armstrong woods. here are some pics:

Traffic Wave Experiments: "You cannot dissolve the slowdown by accelerating out at the end, since you're still blocked by the driver ahead of you. The solution: bring a huge space in as you approach it. This temporarily cuts off the flow of incoming cars which feeds it and keeps it alive." This article that Matt found is very interesting if you deal with big traffic like me. The premise is: keep space in front of you, and you'll ease traffic. But if there's any space in front of you, someone will probably merge into your lane -- killing the space. hmm...getting zen about traffic is not easy.

I had a dream last night that I was marching down the streets of San Francisco with a mob of people in some sort of rally. I was snapping pictures. The best part: the whole crowd was singing We Are the World. and crying with joy. It felt like some sort of post-apocalyptic mad-max sorta misinterpreted pop-culture moment. ugh. No more peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.

Happy June. It's good to hear that erik's doing well. And blogging. lots.